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A Marijuana Clothing Gift Guide for That Stoner in Your Life

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Finding the perfect gift can be difficult. You’re always left wondering if they really liked it or if they’re just being nice. However, if you have a friend or family member, who is 420 friendly, you’re in luck!

Marijuana clothing and other gifts for stoners are an easy and fun way to show that you care! If you want to be the best gift-giver, keep reading this gift guide for stoners 

Petite Options 

If your friend is petite or small, a unisex t-shirt might be the best option! Not to mention, t-shirts are fun and easy. They can be worn with just about anything!

For example, for a casual look, you can pair them with fun sneakers and jeans. Believe it not; you can also dress up a t-shirt by pairing it with nice slacks, heels, or loafers! Whatever your friend prefers, a t-shirt can accommodate any style!

Marijuana Clothing 

Marijuana clothing is a fun way to express creativity and individuality. A good clothing item to look for is hoodies.

That’s because Hoodies are great gifts for stoners, regardless of their gender. No to mention, if your friend is a hoodie fanatic, then pairing their love of marijuana and hoodies will leave them ecstatic.

Hoodies can be worn in the cold and even in warmer climates if the fabric is airy enough. But first, choose between a zip-up or pullover hoodie.

If your friend likes a simple and easy hoodie, then a pullover is perfect for them! However, if your friend likes a layered look, a zip-up is ideal because they can place a shirt or tank top underneath!

Cropped Hoodies

Marijuana fashion is taking over the market and even making its way to the runway! A cropped hoody is very fashion-forward and is great for a sexy look.

Cropped hoodies are also very versatile because you can wear them while doing anything! If your friend likes marijuana gifts and enjoys skating or rollerblading, then a cropped hoodie perfect for them!

Socks and Accessories 

Socks and masks are all great gifts for stoners! Even though socks seem like a basic gift, everyone always needs them. Ankle socks are the most popular because they can provide comfort while also having an excellent design.

Masks are also great gifts for smokers! Ever since COVID hit, everyone is purchasing fantastic masks with funny prints.

Marijuana masks can be stylish and also protect against COVID. It’s a win-win situation!

Polo Shirts

When people think about marijuana fashion, they don’t usually think about polos. However, polos are actually a great gift for smokers! 

Polo shirts can be worn with jeans or slacks. These marijuana shirts are also defined to have a smooth and soft feel. This allows for optimum comfort!

So if your friend likes a formal look, then consider purchasing these kinds of marijuana shirts.

Marijuana Aprons 

If your friend likes making 420 brownies that consider getting them an apron. It can get pretty messy in the kitchen, so a fun apron can help them while baking!

However, a marijuana apron isn’t like any other ordinary apron. Marijuana aprons have excellent designs and patterns. They also protect from heat and other cooking disasters!

Gag Gifts 

Gag gifts are a fun way to make your friends laugh. Buying them marijuana-themed underwear can be the perfect gift for this. There are also options to chose from, like boxer briefs or hot undies.

Both of these are designed for comfort while still providing enough support. The designs of these fashionable undies are also really nice! So even if it’s a gag gift, your friend can still enjoy them afterward.  

Sexy Undies for Women

If you have a woman in your life that likes marijuana gifts then consider getting some sexy underwear. Silk undies are great for hygiene and also look great on everyone! So consider picking silk-made underwear for that special woman!

Gift Guide for Stoners

You might be a little overwhelmed after reading about all of the different gifts for smokers. However, you can narrow your list by knowing what your friend likes!

For example, if your friend enjoys leisurewear, then a cropped or full-sized hoodie is perfect for them! If your friend enjoys an everyday look, then a marijuana t-shirt is perfect. Lastly, if you’re friend enjoys the finer things in life, then polo is perfect!

How to Gage Someone’s Size

If you would like to surprise your friend with some marijuana apparel, then you probably can’t ask for their size. However, there are easy tricks you can take to figure out their size. 

The first trick is to look into their closet when they’re not looking. You can quickly look at a tag and buy the same size when buying their gift. However, if this isn’t possible, other options will need to be taken. 

You can gaze over and look at their neck size. It sounds weird, but this can work pretty well! Start by gaging your friend’s neck. If it’s a bit thicker or longer, consider getting a medium to large size.

If the neck is shorter and appears thinner, a small t-shirt should fit them. If you don’t feel too confident in these techniques, consider buying them a hoodie.

Hoodies should be oversized and comfortable. So if you accidentally get a size too big, it’s not a big deal! In fact, most people prefer their hoodies oversized, so sizing up can be a good thing!

Shop Till You Drop

Now that you know about different marijuana clothing and accessories, it’s time to shop. 

So dont be late for the smoke session, and order your gift today. Don’t forget to check out the rest of our merchandise and pop-up items!















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