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A shop for good people by good people......HerbAngel

A western Massachusetts native David Routhier, 67, has had a fifty-year love affair with cannabis.  In the white, grey and black market areas David found both retail and wholesale heaven.


Within the last two years David came out of blissful retirement to work at a marijuana dispensary.  His life has now changed forever. While helping his friends grow cannabis at their homes, taking advantage of his considerable skillset in that particular area, an idea was germinated. David would take these skills bolstered by serious contacts in the exploding legal cannabis industry and help people with their home grows for a fee! HerbAngel was born.

While designing logo wear for his staff to use, David always fancying himself a bit of a fashion designer, went to work.  His agency sent him a photo of a man wearing a grey tee shirt emblazoned with the HerbAngel logo.  His reaction was immediate and visceral.  He absolutely had to have that tee shirt if it made him look anything at all like that gorgeous, headless man did wearing it!

Even more, every twenty and thirty something he showed it to – every single one – wanted it too.  HerbAngel Fashion was born!

Now six very long, short and wild weeks later here we all are:


“Where High Meets Fashion”

Dan’s Bio

As HerbAngel Fashion hurtled headlong toward this awesome reality, seemingly under its own peculiar momentum at times, David turned to his younger brother, Dan for help! Although his professional expertise is in the area of logistics and fulfillment, two things essential to successful customer service Here at HerbAngel, Dan has taken on a much different, somewhat expanded role. Dan has become his brother’s right hand person helping  to keep him grounded focused and “on task” during these heady times here…. Where High Meets Fashion!

Although always a “hater” as far as cannabis and cannabis consumption was concerned, causing periodic confrontation between us, visit from his brother’s HerbAngel has transformed Dan into a “Fannabis!”


Dan has turned his laser focus into marketing our exceptional products and has been met with extraordinary success! He has secured HerbAngel Fashion’s first two in-store product placements! Though our focus will always be our legion of loyal on-line customers that we have worked so hard to cultivate, Dan was insistent that people have a place to go where they could touch, feel and wear our exceptional quality garments, firsthand, before making the commitment to buying them. I agreed, hoping our on-line customer base would take advantage of the opportunity  Dan now proudly sports the latest in HerbAngel gear, and not from our “POP-UP” line!

He puts it all right out there, our gorgeous sublimated pot leaf in plain sight! basically he is at the

vanguard of an increasingly growing army, he has become one of us, he is all in!

HerbAngel Fashion….

Who We Are………

Who YOU Are!!!!




Another integral piece of the HerbAngel puzzle is Mr. Michael Baldanza Esq.  Like our brand, Mike is a strong, confidant, hopeful and respectful person who puts it all out front for you!  One of his favorite artists, Billy Joel summed up this moment in time well for Michael:

                                                “You have to learn to pace yourself


                                                You’re just like everybody else


                                                I’m sure you have some cosmic rationale

                                                Now here you are, in the ninth

                                                Two men out, and three men on

                                                Nowhere to look but inside

                                                Where we all respond to pressure”

Another of Michael’s favorite artists brings it home for him and for us all actually…

                “I am not your rolling wheels, I am the highway

                I am not your carpet ride, I am the sky

                I am not your blowing wind, I am the lightning

                I am not your autumn moon, I am the night…  night”

                                                  Chris Cornell/Audioslave

HerbAngel Fashion – It’s Our Time!