HerbAngel is a group of cannabis lovers who believe that the time for hiding is over!

We are at the vanguard of a pot army who is finally, unapologetically, announcing our intention to the world through our fashion.  Or not.  HerbAngel Fashion, great ideas keep “Popping  Up”.  It is Our Time!

HerbAngel is David Routhier, Dan Routhier and Michael Baldanza.  Three men who embarked on a journey very different from the one which we are all now on together! We are pot growing experts, backed by some of the industry’s most knowledgeable and well known commercial growers.  We were helping you to grow your marijuana, at your own home, taking advantage of our considerable skillset in that area.  Then, that gorgeous, headless man in the HerbAngel tee shirt made his appearance. Our world changed forever. So will yours when you wear it!

Because “Our Time Is Now!” After decades of hiding it is time to come out into the light! After being made to feel like criminals, being made criminals in fact and jailed, we held fast.  And now look. HerbAngel is far more than a picture of a pot leaf on a tee shirt.  It is a statement. Our garments put it all out front where you can see it! You don’t have to look but we are not going away!

HerbAngel is based in western Massachusetts with its headquarters in Westfield.  Honestly, we believe it is everywhere. We have shown our prototypes to hundreds of people in our area demanding their feedback. Everyone loved our “look” and we tweaked our quality based on their feedback. Our “Fallen Angel” line was initiated by repeated requests to see our designs “in black.” The results speak loudly for themselves and we at HerbAngel will continue to listen! HerbAngel Fashion is everywhere now! 

No!  But, sport one of our “Pop-Up” items if you’re concerned.  David drives the “pot mobile”.

Good question.  Made I should find out….

Because we are aging hippies and our business model is a very simple one – get a fair price for a high quality product. We would much rather sell many more at an affordable price than fewer at a higher one. Besides, we at HerbAngel are all about YOU and we want our merch to be affordable by everyone!  You can get a hat and a simple tee for under $50!

You bet!  We just have to charge something for shipping naturally.  It is currently FREE in the continental US. 

That’s where a bit of commercialism has entered the HerbAngel picture!  We are making no secret about it – we are aiming straight for your GIFT CARD MONEY!!!  The money which fell into your hands out of heaven.  We want just a little bit of that money.  You’ll be all warm and fuzzy by 10 pm. Christmas Eve (we hope, this year especially) the kids will be in bed and we will show you our best stuff. Merry Christmas from all of us at HerbAngel!

Yes and No!  We currently have some HerbAngel gear on display in a couple of retail locations.  It is even “For Sale” in one of them if you stumble in with cash in your pocket and a desire to spend it.  We are working on this somewhat cautiously. Although we want a place for you to go so that you can touch, feel and try on our clothes our focus is our on-line customer! We have spent months, literally, developing our on-line and social media presence and we think it shows! We weren’t striving to be slick, necessarily, but it is.  Enjoy.

In Springfield and Agawam, Massachusetts for now, close to HerbAngel’s home base and original group of supporters!  Our comfort zone if you will.  BUT you all can help us here.  Walk into your local retailers proudly sporting your HerbAngel gear. Make them want to display it like you are! Have them ask you where you got your clothes! And tell them – if YOU want to.  Or, “Pop It Up” for them on your way out the door.

Christmas Eve at 10pm!   HerbAngel’s full “Pop-Up’ line will be revealed that night including a jacket, wide brimmed hat, biker tee, evening gown, business suit, sportswear and perhaps even a wedding gown!  In addition, we will preview HerbAngel’s Spring 2021 line on that magical night for us all!  Our exciting and provocative “Burn Hole” line! Stay tuned, hope we don’t burn the house down while it’s in development!

While we don’t want to give away all of our secrets we are plenty busy here at HerbAngel.  I will give you a vague clue about one thing however – Do you see the eyes staring back at you from the beautiful HerbAngel logo?

GOOD QUESTION!  Trust me, we’re working very hard on that.  Remember you are dealing with stoners here who originally knew nothing about fashion or the fashion industry!  This rocked our world also!  We are taking a crash course. Our warehouse is currently my garage and we will pack your first order ourselves.  We are committed and focused and will work to streamline and professionalize our order fulfillment process.  That’s one reason why brother Dan is here so you can blame him if it doesn’t all get better.

Maybe…  If more and more people buy our stuff we will have more work to do.  If we have more work to do we will have more jobs.  If we have more jobs we will hire more people.  Maybe one of them will be you.  You better bring it though.

YES!  Remember we are aging hippies.  We introduced the concept of caring about the environment after the ravages of the Industrial Revolution became apparent.  We have been somewhat at the mercy of those in the know as we brought our Initial Offering to market.  You have our pledge that our success will bring greater scrutiny in this area if it is required.  We have alternate suppliers lined up and the enthusiasm created by our idea has swept up a large and impressive cadre of supporters.  We are learning from them all.

YES!  Unlike dispensaries we at HerbAngel have no control over those who visit our on-line store.  We will, however, attempt to frame the discussion as I have done with my own grandsons who are 9 and 6 years old.  They now know that marijuana is a plant that some people like and that some people don’t.  They know that one of their grandfathers falls squarely into one of those categories.  My daughter, their mother, was hesitant about the conversation so it is still a work in progress – like HerbAngel!

I am a medical marijuana patient – it helped me tremendously to mitigate the effects of chemotherapy as I battled cancer.  We at HerbAngel extol the medicinal properties and are patients ourselves!  We see the positive effects every day.  BUT we are also proud of our community in the recreational world.  We are proud, confidant, solid citizens of our world involved and committed to change.  And now we are coming together as one group spilling over into the larger community – it is OUR TIME!

Please stay tuned!  In fact, help us figure that out.