Fun Clothing Options to Show Your Marijuana Support

Stoner fashion might not be what you think.

Movies and TV shows often portray stoners in a cliché, over-the-top light, but the real lifestyles and trends of stoners don’t always match this image.

That’s right. Not all stoners wear baggy clothes, cargo shorts, and t-shirts with tacky pot leaves on them. Instead, there’s a universe of brands out there dedicated to stoners with different fashion senses.

Read on to see just how expansive and fun weed clothing can be. You might come across fun clothing brands and styles you never knew existed in the stoner world.


Marked as a trendy alternative to baseball caps, the snapback is a staple to the stoner world. Coupled with a trippy design, a cartoon mushroom, a stoner leaf, little green men, or a 420 logo, snapbacks are a great way to represent your love for our God-given devil’s lettuce.

As a bonus, snapbacks look just as good on men as they do on women.


One of the best ways to represent your love for marijuana clothing is to wear a boldly patterned t-shirt, but you don’t always have to go bold.

Sometimes, it’s nice enough to walk around with a casual and fun weed shirt that says, “I’m a stoner but it’s not a big deal. My style warrants neither your applause nor your finger-wag; just let me be so I can light up in peace.”

Few articles of clothing come with as much variation in design as t-shirts. Since they come in an almost infinite amount of shapes, sizes, and designs, you’ll be sure to find a stoner t-shirt that matches your style.


Much like snapbacks, nothing screams, “I’m a weed enthusiast” as the classic beanie hat. The nice thing about these hats is that they come in all shapes and sizes.

They have seasonal variations, too! You can wear a lightweight beanie in the summer with your friends or a heavy one to cover your ears on chilly winter nights.

Even though you could buy a beanie that slouches over your head so much it’s a miracle it doesn’t fall into your resin tray, you can one with a much tighter fit, too.

Just like the snapback, beanie hats look just as cool on women as they do for guys. You can even find stoner beanies with styles tailored to each gender!


Kind of like t-shirts, the all-encompassing weed hoodie comes in all shapes and sizes.

Buy a heavy hoodie with a bold bong logo plastered in the middle of your chest or a lightweight hoodie with subtle dancing mushroom designs with creepy faces holding hands and—Oh, wait, that’s not so subtle.

But you get the point! Whether you need a cozy hoody on your way to a fall festival or a lightweight hoodie on your way to your friend’s house during the summer, there’s a stoner hoody for you!


Although more tailored to women than men (We marijuana enthusiasts don’t discriminate. Men can wear leggings, too!), pot leggings are growing more and more popular these days.

With an array of sexy stoner designs and versatile fabric, oftentimes made of hemp, pot leggings can be worn in a multitude of ways.

These forms include:

  • Under dresses
  • As pants
  • Underskirts
  • As lingerie
  • And more

The nice thing about pot leggings is that you’ll be turning heads not just because they bring out your beautiful curves, but because the designs for pot leggings are the coolest and trippiest on the market!


These are another versatile article of clothing for pot enthusiasts. Although they won’t be the first thing everyone sees on your way to your local marijuana-themed festival, they’re a great way to finish off your style.

They’ll add that final flare of personality you’ll need to express your love for everything hemp.

They also come in a range of shapes and sizes. From soft, thin, tight ankle-high socks that look like they were dipped into a sea of stars to fuzzy, thick, knee-high winter cabin socks with mandelbrot patterns, the possibilities are endless!


There’s nothing quite like lighting up right before taking a shower, to slip into a cozy trippy-patterned robe feeling just as warm and fuzzy on the outside as you do on the inside.

Marijuana enthusiasts who love to snuggle with their significant others or cozy up by the fire with their friends can rejoice knowing that weed robes made of hemp are some of the coziest conversation starters on the market!

Tank Tops

If you plan to go to a festival, these are the hallmark of everything stoner wear. Fat chance you’ve gone to a festival without running into someone with a trippy tank top that says, “stoner&Proud”, “Colorado – I’m in a higher state,” “Half-baked,” or the tried-and-true generic pot leaf logo.

On the warm summer days, wearing a stoner tank top instead of a tee will keep you cooler while holding to your stoner style.

You can even wear tank tops in the winter! But you’re likely to wear it under a thicker layer of clothing to keep warm outside. If your heater is working and the cozy fuzzy THC makes its way into your bloodstream, be sure to take off your hoodie and jacket and show off your tie-dye or mandelbrot tank top!

Want to Learn More About Fun Clothing for Stoners?

Pot leaf clothes are arguably the most fun and comfy apparel to wear. Believe us, we get it. This post only covered the bases for fun clothing, and there’s so much more to discover!

Be sure to check out the Herb Angel Fashion Shop to see what’s out there!

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