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How to Dress Like a Stoner: A Complete Fashion Guide

how to dress like a stoner

For generations, marijuana has tempted both the young and old alike. It’s no wonder the cannabis industry is expected to be worth over $33 billion this year.

Pot has become a huge part of our culture and stoner fashion has become iconic.

Curious about how to look the part?

This complete fashion guide will teach you how to dress like a stoner.

Functional High Fashion

Being a stoner means you may have an abundance of small items to keep track of throughout the day. Things like lighters, rolling papers, and pre-rolls are cherished accessories for anyone who considers themselves a serious pot smoker.

With so many tools to the trade, it’s important that your cannabis clothing remains functional. Having built-in storage in your outfit prevents bad vibes from ruining your high.

Think about it, the last thing you need is to lose your lighter right before a smoke sesh.

Remember, loving cannabis is a lifestyle! Your functional high fashion needs to represent just that. Make sure you are well-stocked in pieces that can be paired with anything.

Some trends, like cargo shorts, may have faded but others, like the humble beanie, have never gone out of style. We are well past the days of stuffing nugs into our pockets, so let’s tuck a joint into a pot leaf beanie instead.

Green is a great color choice for marijuana clothing, but may not always be the best option for everyday use. Try to find items that are easy to mix and match with the clothes you already have.

This way, you’ll only need to buy a few high-quality items and will have plenty of leftover cash for when it’s time to restock at your local dispensary.

Blazing the Trails

There are many external factors that can distract you from being at home and enjoying your favorite strain all day. Work, socialization, and restocking your supply are just to name a few.

Wherever you’re off to, now is the perfect opportunity to sport the latest in marijuana fashion.

You may be asking, “What are the current trends for the stoner on the go?” Due to the ongoing pandemic, a new component to cannabis clothing has been added.

In most parts of the world, you are still required to wear a protective face covering. Wearing a pot leaf mask is a great way to dress like a stoner and protect those around you.

Make sure to wash your mask often, especially after a coughing fit from a big hit.

(Speaking of coughing, a proper stoner is always equipped with a bottle of water. It’s important to stay hydrated and be prepared for the next bong rip).

Although there are many stoner accessories, a mask is arguably one of the most important ones to have in today’s world.

Now that you have an even wider selection of pot leaf clothing to choose from, you are almost ready to blaze the trails as a proud pot smoker.

Always Be Ready For the Munchies

From wake-and-bakes to late-night food comas, the munchies have always been there for us.

Even veteran stoners fall prey to snacky sensations when under the influence of marijuana. However, the modern-day cannabis enthusiast has a few tricks up their sleeves to satisfy their taste buds, in style.

Gone are the days of rocking stained-covered T-shirts and sweatpants filled with burn holes. No longer must you have crumbs follow your every step after a good smoke sesh and snack time.

Dressing like a stoner doesn’t mean you have to look sloppy!

Why not protect your cool cannabis fashion with a pot-approved apron? It’s the easiest way to satisfy your cravings and let everyone in the kitchen know how much you love weed.

Whether you are a 5-star chef or can barely use a microwave, there are plenty of easy marijuana recipes that will please any pot lover. Just make sure you’re properly dressed for the occasion.

How to Dress Like a Stoner? Get Comfy!

So far this guide has shown you how to select functional, protective, and even tasty cannabis clothing. No stoner fashion guide would be complete, however, without something to simply snuggle up and smoke in.

Every stoner can agree that comfort is key. Whether you are a couch potato or a productive pothead, there should always be room in your closet for loose-fitting and nap-worthy outfits.

Pajamas are nice but, remember, you want to select special pieces that are appropriate for a variety of settings.

What you need is a stoner staple.

This particular item needs to be something suited for an early morning hike with your favorite concentrate, a smoky self-care staycation, and a late-night snack run.

The best option to address all of these needs is none other than the trusty pot leaf sweatshirt!

Nothing says “I smoke weed” like the majestic pot leaf. Therefore, it’s a good idea to ensure that it’s on the one piece of cannabis clothing you can wear on any occasion.

Rep Cannabis Clothing Brands

Nowadays, you can easily enjoy the perfect spliff in or out of the comfort of your own home but, the stoner lifestyle has progressed into something much more than just smoking dope cannabis.

As you have learned, marijuana can be a big factor in every part of your life, including fashion.

Now that you have enjoyed this guide, you know exactly how to dress like a stoner. Get stoned and begin your marijuana makeover at Herb Angel for a high-quality shopping experience today!

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