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Hello to the HerbAngel Army!  This is the first in the series of blogs by me, David Routhier, CEO of HerbAngel.  I’m going to begin by telling the HerbAngel story.  It really began over a year ago when a forty-something pot grower asked an aging dispensary worker this question, “What does an old man smoke on a rainy day like this?”  The answer was simple.  “The same as I do any day.  Indica, baby.  I smoke pot to get high.”  HerbAngel was born that day.

Turns out the forty-something was a licensed marijuana grower working at another dispensary.  The two hit it off instantly and began meeting for informative sessions whenever possible.  One thing led to another and when David partnered with his friend Dan for his outdoor grow this year tragedy struck. The first night that the plants were in the ground they were attacked by critters of some type and two of them had sustained serious damage.  (HAVE PHOTOS)  Dan called David who called Mike and the three of them put their heads together and attempted to prune and rescue the damaged seedlings.  Four weeks later the results spoke for themselves. (HAVE PHOTOS)

Dan took his job as an in-home pot grower very seriously providing support mechanisms for the fragile plants and fashioning a watering and feeding schedule.  Mike and I visited periodically, pruning and topping plants as necessary and they flourished.  Three months in it was clear that the boys were on their way to some high yielding beauties.  Dan mentioned that there was money to be made in the service that Michael and I were providing.  A light bulb went off.  HerbAngel was started as a way for Michael and I to help you with your in-home marijuana growing operation – taking advantage of our considerable expertise in that area while also capitalizing on Michael’s incredible charisma.

We began to form a business plan and assemble an interested staff.  We called in a few favors and we  began taking advantage of our extensive contacts in the large scale commercial marijuana growing industry as we developed a contact list.  We hired an agency to help with logo design and were rushing to get pictures of our staff working on plants still in the ground in New England.  Our agency sent us a picture of the HerbAngel logo on a tee shirt, worn by a sexy, headless man and my world changed forever.  I absolutely had to have that tee shirt if it made me look anything at all like that beautiful man did in it! (PHOTO HERE)

Further, every single person I showed it to felt the same way.  I actually felt the light bulb go off over my head!  HerbAngel had morphed into HerbAngel Fashion! And yes, the name is PARTIALLY inspired by The Penguins’ masterpiece “Earth Angel”.   Two weeks later we had our beautiful logo on baseball caps, beanies, simple tees, golf shirts – mostly for our staff but also as test products for our “fashion line”.   We literally couldn’t keep the baseball caps and beanies on our heads. I ordered more and started handing them out as promotional items.  I scheduled a professional photo shoot for images of my staff helping customers with their pot plants.

I also used part of that day for HerbAngel’s first ever “fashion shoot”.  Some of the results have worked their way into our initial website.  We originally developed both businesses, pot growers and fashion moguls, on parallel tracks.  Soon, however, it became apparent that we needed to focus all of our attention on HerbAngel – “Where High Meets Fashion!” And we have done so.

I worked tirelessly to find a real fashion designer, with no success.  Basically we had slapped our gorgeous logo on several existing items and, spectacular results not withstanding, we knew it was really not “fashion”.  I called literally everyone I thought could help me, including prestigious schools of fashion design.   I got excuses such as “I’m a wedding gown designer”, “I’m a graphic artist of tee shirts.”, “I’m not interested” or I simply never heard back from someone.  On a frustrated Friday afternoon phone call with my agency in New York I literally screamed, “I’ve got the HIGH covered, get me the Fashion!”  On Monday morning, HerbAngel FASHION ARRIVED BIG TIME!

They had taken my ideas and turned them into this beautiful reality spread out now before you.  Now eight crazy weeks later, HerbAngel has burst onto the fashion scene.  Our gorgeous sublimated pot leaf design openly announces our intention, and YOURS.  We are at the vanguard of a new movement, decades in the making.  For too many years now we have been marginalized, criminalized in fact, for our love of a plant and its medicinal properties, marijuana. I’m so over that now. I drive a pot mobile!

CELEBRATE with us at HerbAngel now.  IT IS OUR TIME!

Our focus here will always be on YOU.  I’ve showed our product samples to literally hundreds of you asking for your feedback and suggestions for improvement.  I’ve asked if you would be happy receiving these items and wearing them and if I was charging a fair price.  My market research validated my belief that we had a “Winner” here! We’ve drawn support and encouragement from people in all walks of life and our enthusiasm has become infectious.  Our cadre of supporters have made us understand that something big is beginning here.

We are forming the beginning of a wave.  We are the opening ripple caused by the pebble HerbAngel has dropped into the water.  We will be carried forward by YOU, and we will roll across the country together with you.  WE WILL LISTEN TO YOU!  In fact, one of you will be taking over BOSS BLOG shortly! We already have listened.  One thing I heard often as I showed my samples was the suggestion that we offer black clothing as well.  We did a few pieces and they are stunning.  Some believe even better looking than their white originals.  They are available to you now as the introductory pieces of the full HerbAngel “Fallen Angel” line which will be revealed in our spectacular Christmas Eve Gif Card Party!

I’ve left my job at the marijuana dispensary, a job which I really loved, to concentrate all of my efforts on HerbAngel.  I LOVE THIS MORE!  It is finally our chance to let the world know who we are now, and who we have been all along.  Productive, caring, loving, concerned and giving citizens of our world.  We’ve worked our jobs and raised our children.  We’ve loved our country and worked to make it a better place – FOR EVERYONE!  We’ve buried our parents and become “The People”.  We’ve smoked some marijuana.  I’m proud of us.

And now, look.  The illegal has become legal in many places.  We will march proudly wearing our pot leaf or we will Pop It Up!!  Whatever WE choose.  And we will continue to pay taxes, as we always have.  Generating revenue that helps our host communities, builds better roads and schools, and provides service and assistance to those in need.  We will continue to be concerned and responsive citizens of our country and our world.  We will give back – it’s what we do.

A word about those parts of the country where recreational marijuana still remains illegal.  Are you people crazy?  Do you not see the incredible amount of tax dollars flowing across your borders into states that are welcoming the revenue!  For part of the time that I worked at a Massachusetts dispensary I resided in the neighboring state of Connecticut where recreational use is still not legal.   Each day when I went to work I would look at the license plates of the cars in front of me at the exit or in the dispensary parking lot.  At least half of them were from my state, twenty percent recreational tax money being handed to Massachusetts communities from out-of-state consumers. Clearly, a national policy of some type is long overdue.

Thank you all for joining with us here at HerbAngel as we spread the good word.  We are here now and we are not going anywhere anytime soon.  We will soon be introducing our first ever “Customer Blog” in this space as I move on to other things.  I will reappear periodically.  For now I am being joined by a few other “industry bloggers”.  The first is Yazmin Silva from POTCO in Springfield, Massachusetts.  Her considerable experience in the medicinal effects of CBD and her knowledge base in the area of edibles is second to none.

The next is Mark Hynes from Aquarius Hydroponics in Agawam, Massachusetts.  Western New England’s largest indoor grow systems retailer and provider, Aquarius Hydroponics focuses on the indoor grow experience.  In addition however, their new much larger location houses a large cannabis inspired apparel collection including a special section of HerbAngel apparel for your review and even a selection for your purchase on site!  Mark and his staff will keep you up-to-date on advancements in the marijuana growing industry – HerbAngel’s original business focus remember.  It should prove very informative and interesting.

These industry experts will be joined periodically by a Phantom Blogger pretty much whenever he feels like he has something to say.  He is perhaps the world’s most expert of experts in his directly related field and the person to who I turned when I needed all kinds of advice initially and even now.  He was my first BLOGGER choice but I knew he couldn’t be tied down to a structured Blog schedule of any type.  He is simply too much in demand and far too busy. But, he was intrigued with the idea, loved the chance at anonymity and agreed to be a Guest Contributor on occasion.  Do yourself a favor – be sure to watch for the appearance of the Phantom Blogger.

Lastly, I will turn over BOSS BLOG very soon to the real bosses – the HerbAngel fan base and army vanguard!  We will select different HerbAngel family members to Blog their hearts out, within reason.  It is a very direct way for us to hear what you have to say on an unlimited variety of topics.

Thank you for joining us at HerbAngel as we take our first steps into the new reality that we are creating, together.  It is a world full of hope and promise, fueled by our constant state of good will.  Enjoy what we have done so far and help us to design the HerbAngel future.  We all move forward together – no one gets left behind this time.  CELEBRATE – IT IS OUR TIME!

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